Manage Production Better with KT-Pulse

KT Pulse takes care of the data so that you can concentrate on managing and optimizing the manufacturing environment

Enable a Swift Response to Daily Challenges


Real-time actionable insights enables quick decision making and problem solving

Shine a Light on Hidden Problems

KT Pulse highlights how to make step improvements in operational efficiency

What is KT Pulse?

KT Pulse is the engine behind the Kyzentree approach. It is inspired by the adage what gets measured gets improved. An innovative software platform that is easily configured to monitor and manage any manufacturing process that is operated by people. It captures precisely how well the process is performing and all of the interruptions experienced by the operator, such as downtime and quality issues. Real-time, actionable insights are presented on easy-to-read dashboards, enabling support teams to better focus their day-to-day priorities and improvement activity, thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of the entire team.

Key Features

Configurable for any Manual Assembly Operation



Customised to suit any manual assembly production environment (shift schedule, scrap reasons, downtime reasons, targets, etc). Measure at one or multiple locations.

Precise Measure of Productivity & Downtime


Capture how well a line or cell is performing and quantify all of the disruptions encountered.

Real-Time Actionable Insights Accessible Anywhere

Dashboards automatically refresh every 4 minutes, or can be manually refreshed anytime, keeping you up-to-date at a glance with all of the critical performance metrics.


Cost Savings

Quicker resolution of downtime and quality issues, leading to less downtime and scrap

Increased Resource Efficiency

Automated data analysis frees up resources to focus on managing day-to-day production and improvement activity

Better Team Alignment & Collaboration

Accessing the same information means that everybody is better aligned on where the immediate and future priorities lie

Set up KT-Pulse in 4 Easy Steps

Uncover the potential of your Manual Assembly Production Environment and achieve new levels of engagement and productivity




Carry out a site visit and complete a checklist to confirm that the production environment is suitable and ready for the KT-Pulse system


Build Customised


Input the customer-specific shift patterns, part numbers, targets, shift schedule and reason codes for each workstation into the KT-Pulse database


Connect and


Install the Data Collectors and set up the Analytics Monitors. Train the operators and the support team on how to use the KT-Pulse system


Ensure Full


Work with the customer to ensure that maximum benefit is extracted from the system to manage production, run meetings and drive improvement