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Getting Started

What is Kt-Pulse?

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What is Kt-Pulse

If you are new to Kt-Pulse or would like a refresher on what it is all about, check out our introduction video here

Kt-Pulse trial

The Kt-Pulse trial offers customers an opportunity to test out all of the features of Kt-Pulse for 30 days, free of charge. Pick two processes to monitor, set them up in the Kt-Pulse system and away you go. Any manual or semi-automated manufacturing process is suitable for monitoring. Basically, any process that is run by a production operator.

You don’t need to be a techie. If you can set up an app on your smartphone then you won’t have any problems setting up Kt-Pulse. The live analytics will give you insights into your manufacturing processes in real-time, so we highly recommend setting up a monitor and PC on the manufacturing floor to make the data visible. This way, your team will be able to respond to what the data is telling them quicker and more effectively than ever before. That is one of the real strengths of Kt-Pulse.

If you decide to continue using Kt-Pulse after the 30 day trial, then great. You can continue to use Kt-Pulse and scale it up at a pace that suits you. Whatever number of workstations you want to monitor, we can adjust your license accordingly.

Collector Hardware

In this video we give you an overview of the hardware that you need to start collecting data using the Kt-Pulse collector app

Quick Start Guide

Here is a quick start guide to get Kt-Pulse up and running in your manufacturing area in a matter of hours. Check out our Setup, Capture and Analytics video tutorials for more details…

1. Sign in to your setup account (admin and super users only)
quick start
2. Enter your manufacturing parameters (shift patterns, downtime codes, etc)
quick start 2
3. Download the Kt-Pulse collector app onto your collectors (android or iOS device)
Quick Start 3
4. Link your collectors to the Kt-Pulse system
Quick Start 4
5. Install the collectors on the manufacturing floor, login and start collecting data
Tablet with tap
6. Visualise your manufacturing floor through the Kt-Pulse Analytics browser
Kt-Pulse screens