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Getting Started

Set Up


Collector homescreen overview

Connecting the app, logging units

Logging downtime, logging out

Logging changeovers


How to

Collector homescreen overview

In this video you will get an overview of all aspects of the Kt-Pulse collector homescreen. This is the screen that the production operators will see when they log into the app. From the homescreen the operators can log events, see the live part and batch number details and view the output status for the current hour and shift.

Connecting the app and logging units

In this video you will learn how to link a collector to a specific workstation within the Kt-Pulse system. You will also learn how to log into the Kt-Pulse collector app and how to log good units, rework and reject/scrap units.

Logging downtime, everything ok?, logging out

In this video you will learn how to log unplanned downtime and planned downtime events. You will also learn about the Everything OK? screen that pops up when there is no activity logged through the app for a pre-defined period of time. You will also learn how to log out of the Kt-Pulse collector app.

Logging changeover

In this video you will learn how to log a changeover. You will also learn how to pause a changeover in the event of an unplanned downtime, planned downtime or line shutdown. If the line is in changeover mode at the end of the working week, for example, this will pause the changeover until activity resumes