Welcome to Kyzentree

Our mission is to make manufacturing operations easy to manage through digital technology. Our ultimate goal is to provide businesses with access to all of their manufacturing information in one click.

In the manufacturing world, manual assembly processes are the poor relation when it comes to digital technology for tracking performance. Equipment tracking in automated lines is advancing at pace but in manual assembly lines, the operators still rely on clunky paper-based or spreadsheet-based tracking tools that are inaccurate and consume lots of time to maintain.

We are changing all of that with our software, Kt-Pulse. Kt-Pulse is the only purpose-built platform for managing manual assembly production processes. It makes it easy to track productivity much more accurately, and with 90% less effort, than traditional methods. This creates the foundation for running a much more efficient manufacturing floor.

KT-Pulse is adaptable for any assembly, inspection or packaging process operated by people, even yours. So why not join us?

What is a Kyzen Tree?

Kyzentree was created to help make life that little bit easier in the often chaotic world of manufacturing.

It’s true that there is no such thing as a ‘Kyzen Tree’ but when the words are put together they create a powerful concept. ‘Kyzen’, or Kaizen, is a Japanese term meaning ‘change for better’, a philosophy of continuous improvement. ‘Tree’ is a symbol of growth, where the trunk represents the funnelling of information and resources, the branches represent the improvement opportunities and the leaves are the fruits of all the improvement activity. Together they inspire us to do things a little bit better every day. Kyzentree…changing the world of manufacturing for the better, through technology.

Our Values

No matter who we are engaging with, colleagues or customers, big or small, these are the values that guide our decision making every day


We treat our customers and employees with empathy and humility


We are open and trustworthy and focus on where we can add value


We have a can-do attitude and strive to get better at what we do every day


We are passionate about what we do as individuals and together


By working together, we will achieve exceptional results


We see our clients as an extension of our team and a vital cog in our improvement journey

Kyzentree … simplifying manufacturing operations