About Us


KyzenTree Technologies is an early stage software company with big ambitions. We are on a mission to advance the way businesses define and deliver continuous improvement. So, what does that mean? Well, we are a team of Lean-Sigma and Technology Experts who are looking to take tried and tested improvement methodologies, add a hint of slick technology and hey presto, we have even more powerful powerful improvement methodologies and tools…and with much less paperwork generated in the process. The Smart Factory of the Future train is just starting its journey and we are excited to be on it…


Our vision is to connect everybody in an organisation with actionable information that empowers them to deliver better outcomes for their organisation every day.

Our First Innovation

Our first product, LineMaster, will enable organisations to reduce downtime and quality losses in manual assembly environments much more effectively and efficiently than existing solutions can. This will increase productivity and reduce costs. Whilst many solutions exist for optimizing machine performance, we are focusing on optimising manual assembly environments, where people are the most important asset. We won’t turn your people into robots (phew!)…instead, we will help to identify and remove the barriers that prevent your people from working effectively and efficiently.

Get in Touch

We are currently developing the software and we have lined up 4 customers to pilot it in the second half of 2017…..so watch this space! If you want to learn more or sign up to trial the software, why not get in contact with us by emailing anthony.cahill@kyzentree.com. A smarter, more exciting future for Manual Assembly Production is on the way…..