About Us


To advance the way businesses define and deliver continuous improvement


To connect organisations with actionable insights that empower them to deliver positive change

About Us

KyzenTree Technologies combines lean-sigma and technology expertise to deliver real-time, information-driven solutions.

Our innovative technology, KT-Pulse, enables manufacturing companies to measure productivity in manual assembly operations much more effectively & efficiently than traditional, paper-based systems. It is highly configurable, flexible & easy-to-use, making it adaptable to any manufacturing environment.

The system maintains a precise, real-time view of manufacturing performance, prompting faster resolution of issues whilst also pin pointing where improvement activity should be focused. All of this without the need for monotonous number crunching or report generation, which helps to reduce manufacturing costs and to improve customer service.

For companies who are looking to kick-start their continuous improvement journey or for those looking to bring it to the next level, lean-sigma training & consultancy services can also be provided in a package tailored to individual customer needs.