In Manual Assembly Environments, People, not Machines are your most important asset. With our technology you will gain new insights into how to manage and reduce production costs by optimizing the effectiveness of production operators and support teams alike

Work Smarter, not Harder

Measuring Productivity, Downtime & Quality Losses much more precisely and efficiently in Manual Assembly Environments

Introducing Our First Product, LineMaster


Real-Time, Insightful Information

With quick and simple touch-screen commands, the Operators capture Productivity, Downtime & Quality Losses in more precise detail than other solutions

Automated Trending

Data is Collated and Trended Automatically so your Production Support Teams can focus on High Value Improvement Activity

Mobile Connectivity

Real-Time Information is accessible via a Web Browser so Stakeholders are kept informed and can respond to issues on the move


Reduced lead times

Happier Customers because products ship on time

Reduced Operating Costs

By addressing the biggest causes of downtime and quality losses, production costs will reduce

More Efficient Production

By Transforming Data into Actionable Insights, your teams know where to focus their efforts to minimise lost time

More Efficient Resources

Data is Collated and Trended Automatically so your Resources can focus on High Value Improvement Activity

Increased Asset Uptime

People and Equipment Utilisation increases by eliminating the biggest sources of Downtime & Quality Losses

Better Collaboration

The information generated teaches your resources to work together and to see new, more powerful ways to manage production