Optimising Manual Assembly Production Environments

We help our clients to optimise their manual assembly lines with our innovative software, kaizen events and workshop-based training and coaching

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Are you experiencing challenges in your manual assembly operations?

Performance Metrics

Inaccurate picture of performance or delays in getting data?

Customer Demand

Overtime and headcount needed to get shipments out on time?


Struggling to meet output targets but not sure why?

Recurring Problems

Complex or recurring issues that are difficult to solve?

Space Constraints

Difficulty freeing up space for new product lines?

Resource Skillsets

Shortage of skilled resources to lead improvement projects?

These issues are easy to hide by stockpiling inventory, running overtime and adding additional resources. This is all extra cost that we can help remove.

How we can help

Software For Managing Manual Assembly Production Environments

We simplify the process of capturing and analyzing your productivity and downtime data so that you can focus on running operations more effectively 

Specialists In Optimising Manual Assembly Production Environments

We facilitate kaizen events that deliver step improvements in productivity and efficiency and upskill your teams to do the same

KT Pulse in numbers


sustained productivity improvement

less time on reports per employee


good units logged

KT Consulting in numbers


efficiency gains from Kaizen Events


space savings

trained and coached


Our Work

Intelligent insights that maximise manufacturing potential

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